Burial Clothing has had a very sporadic and yet creative life. It has clothed so many cold bodies in it's 7 years on this earth.

Burial was born in Crown Point, IN during 2013 as an idea to print shirts by artists for artists and moved out west in 2016 to Colorado and eventually expanded into a solid brand in it’s later years.

The first and only child of Father, Owner, Designer, Printer Ryan Kasparian and raised by Mother Cody Rose.

Burial Clothing is survived by it’s contributing artists; Aaron Riddle, Ethan Lee McCarthy, Chris Blume, Dave Togtman, Tom Denney, Chris Angelucci, John Santos JR, Norot, Richard Young, Heath Rave, Bruno Guerreiro, & Rob Depictgore.

Burial Clothing, thank you for being part of our lives. You will truly be missed.

Stay dead.